Wednesday, March 21, 2007

San Diego Yacht Club!

Here is my picture diary of our stay at the San Diego Yacht Club. Ok, well not quite a broad range of pictures but a set of five that were taken within 5 minutes time and in a hurry. The reason being is that I still feel awkward when people see that I'm taking pictures all over the place. Even though we are part of the "in" crowd there and we arrrive by boat talk boats, sleep on the boat or yacht! I must have some kind of past life paranoia of blending in. We were probably on the sexiest and slickest vessel there (except for a large Ferretti) we're getting massive amounts of attention...and I guess the culture dictates that I'm not supposed to show to much charisma...I'm supposed to be beyond getting excited about being at a members only compound filled with Million plus dollar vessels. This is a place that has men walking around dropping money out of their pockets and ladies walking around in very expensive but not expensive looking dresses. They fashionable sunglasses that cover the top half of their faces, and large hats! I feel like telling them, "Psst...hey're blocking out all the sun, didn't you come here to get some sun?" They wear large jewlery and diamonds that can easily serve as beacons and refract the sunlight in case of a shipwreck! There is an awesome clubhouse with an excellent restaurant and great food. You should visit it if you get the chance! Here is their WEBSITE! CLICK HERE! Jorge Bueno