Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jorge in La Jolla, CA.

Here I am in La Jolla, CA. We ate at a whole bunch of restaurants while we stayed here. I expected to see some major bling bling while we strolled the streets...but naw...the nicest car we saw was a 360 Ferrari Spider...and that's an old least 3 years old. Maybe folks in that area like to keep a low profile? I guess so. I guess I used to Los Angeles....where even the folks that are barely making it are driving at least a 3 series BMW. Some people seem to think that their car dictates who they are to the world. Some guys even think that they can get hottter girls with a nice car. I'd hate to be with a girl that thinks that maximum success having a Mercedes or a Tricked out Lexus. I need someone who can at least shoot for the Maybach. Or another real luxury car. Wait! What am I talking about...anyone who makes a judgement call or prejudges you on your not worth your time! Do you agree? Jorge Bueno