Thursday, July 10, 2008

Salsa Dancing and Dinner in San Diego

This is George and Marianne, they are an awesome couple. This was in taken in San Diego, CA. at The Yardhouse Restaurant. I was there for a seminar and they were two of three hundred attendees there at the Mariott and Marina. After day two of the event I found out that they are really into preserving the Native American Culture and their rights in society. George gave me an authentic burning sage cleanse backstage and out of the venue at the loading docks. I stood there while George chanted and circled around me with a hot piece of smoking sage...that incidentally smells a lot like I'm told. Afterward I was scared of going back in to the venue and having people think that I was smoking in the back. That evening..I got together with a few other attendees and went for dinner and salsa dancing in the Gas Lamp District. Jorge Bueno

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